Business Portraits

Create a stand out first impression for your business with contemporary business portraits. We offer two types: a traditional, studio approach where we come to you and also a contemporary location based approach.

Team Photographs

Create contemporary team photos that reflect your team while engaging with your audience. Similar to the individual portraits, we offer two types: a traditional, studio approach where we come to you and a contemporary location based approach.

Product Photography

Help your product stand out from your competition with engaging, creative imagery. These images will work well for your website and general promotional material.

Company Branding

During a service shoot we can photograph your team in their environment with the branding showing. Again, this is a great option if you are creating or refreshing your website; comtemporary images will help you stand out from your competitors.

Service Photography

Show the world what you do! Service photography distinguishes your services from your competition with engaging, creative imagery, and works well for your website and all general promotional material.

Promote Your Vision

Photography spreads through your entire business front, from social media through to flyers. Allow us to reflect your passion and vision through our photography.

Unique Perspectives

Make your property stand out from the crowd with Avodah drones. Get to heights others can't... showcase the property in the best way possible.

Aerial Photo

Aerial photography gives your potential buyers a whole new perspective on your property. Showcase your homes features and surroundings with stunning elevated views.

Aerial Video

Create a special experience for buyers by adding another dimension to your listing with aerial videography. This also helps buyers to get a better feel for the property, ultimately improving sales potential.

Stability and Control

Our drones lock into GPS to ensure that the capture of your home is as balanced and stable as possible. For video, this ensures that you capture a smooth pass through the whole property; highlighting its unique features from the air with no disruptions.

Stand Out

Why convey the land features of your property with static images and written explanations? Offer a unique perspective of your listing with videography, and creatively and effectively showcase the scale, landscape, surrounding grounds and perimeter boundaries of your property in a way that no static text can do.

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