Graphic Design
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We are all about helping your business grow; from the initial concept through to execution.

No matter your size, we believe you have something to offer and would love to showcase it. Through photography, design, on the web or in video, we work to promote your vision and expand your marketing reach with powerful and engaging visual communication.
Avodah Photography & Design is an established creative outfit that knows how businesses work and how to portray it visually. We offer a wide range of professional services from service photography to online SEO, all working to your business needs.


Branding • Marketing • Communications • Graphic + Illustrative Design


Your “brand” is perhaps the most fundamental element to making your business stand out. Haven’t made one yet – or want to re-brand? Work with us to create a market-defining style that truly reflects your company’s unique personality and passion.

Marketing + Communication

“A picture speaks 1,000 words” – and complementing design and text speak millions. Unlock your marketing potential and engage a whole new audience with Avodah’s comprehensive graphic design and communications services.

Illustrative Design

Create stunning visuals and graphics to help promote your business and take your marketing to a new level. These colourful and unique designs illustrate your business in new ways, adding strong creative flair to your visuals.

Share Your Passion

Design + photography make up your entire business front, from social media through to flyers. Allow us to reflect your passion and vision through our designs.

Attract Your Market

We transform your style, character and vision into something unique and engaging for your prospects. Stand out with a distinct look that offers the thrill of newness while remaining true to your business’ core values and history.


Design • Development • SEO


Show your best on the web with a custom-designed website that reflects your vision, people and products. We work closely with you to create an innovative and unique page, ensuring not only a stand-out design but a website that truly showcases the heart of your business.


As creative professionals, we understand design as well as development and work with this in mind to create a powerful all-round web experience for you. Tie your site sections together seamlessly with our content development and coding for a better website – all offered at a cost-effective rate and working in with whatever your budget.

SEO • Engagement

Engage your audience on the web and make sure your business is seen with high rankings on Google Searches. SEO is one of the most important ways of placing you in front of your target market, allowing you to reach new audiences online and create new business prospects.

Share Your Passion

A website is simply the best tool to sell your service. Broadcast your passion online, and connect with your audience in a way that reflects your brand and where you want to head in the future. Not only will this attract your market, it will help you stand out as a spirited business that cares strongly about its products, services and customers.


At Avodah, we love anticipating trends to stay ahead of the rest and reflect this in our creative web design. Show off your business’s innovation with a unique online presence, and create something new and “buzzworthy” that will have your audience coming back for more.

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